I was a pupil premium child. Of coarse – pupil premium did not exist back then – but the thought just occurred to me the other day. Brought up in a mainly single parent household, I enjoyed the benefits of free school meals…and I think that was about it.

In credit to my mom, I never had any inclination that this meant that I may not do so well in life. In my head I was just the same as all my other friends (although I was a little aware that their parents had more money – but this made no difference to me).

And here I am. 18 years of teaching under my belt. On the SLT – and looking after our Pupil Premiums. To this day, I don’t see ‘differences’ between people or children. I just see children. There are no excuses not to learn or to achieve. I encourage a sturdy growth mindset and teach that ‘you can’t do it…..YET’

On a special measures journey, such as we are, I sometimes forget this philosophy myself. It is easy to get caught up in the never ending changes and politics that accompanies this process. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. As a chance to reflect upon this process and when it’s getting me down, to remind me to think ‘I can’t do it….YET’.