Oh God. We are here. Time to start winding up the gears and getting ourselves ready for the big back to school bonanza.

The knot in my stomach is there but I am trying my best to ignore it. Instead I will try to get on with the business of getting ready.

Step 1 – set up my alarm to go off earlier and earlier throughout next week

Step 2 – begin to look at what my priorities will be during the first week. (In my case it will be updating our data managing system and the website. Also helping a new supply year 5 teacher to settle in.

Step 3 – check in with the new acting head so he doesn’t think that I have forgotten I work there (I have actually already done this step with an outline plan of where to move next after a third fairly damning HMI visit)

Step 4 – ensure my mindfulness meditation routine, courtesy of @headspace is well established – I will need it more than ever after the start of next week.

Step 5 = start to visualise a positive return to work

Step 6 – look at a few resource sites for any new downloads which may be beneficial to staff.

Step 7 – make the most of every minute of holiday time left

So what steps do you take to prepare for going back to work? I may add them to my list!



2 thoughts on “1 week countdown

  1. Ugh I often feel the same about going back to work after time off. I like to make sure I eat really healthily and take time to enjoy some rest before getting back into a hectic schedule. X

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